Commercial Beverage Cooler Buyer’s Guide

Commercial beverage coolers, also called beverage refrigerators, or beverage centers keep drinks chilled. Businesses such as bars, restaurants, and stores also them, mainly for display purposes. Commercial beverage coolers are branded by either a soft drink company, or possible a beer brewery. Commercial beverage coolers are a great way to keep your beverages well displayed, while boosting your sales! There are many variables to look for when choosing a commercial beverage cooler.

Most commercial beverage coolers are stylized refrigerators with a glass door. They come in all sizes for different uses, and different companies present their brands with signature features to give their products an edge on the market. Don’t think commercial beverage coolers are just for businesses. Many homeowners are starting to use them more and more. Beverage coolers have been seen in kitchens, garages, outdoor kitchens, and home gyms. The coolers are needed at any location where dispensing drinks and providing a great display look is necessary.

Why Choose A Commercial Beverage Cooler

On a hot day or humid night, a cold or chilled drink is the only way to get through some uncomfortable time. Unfortunately, you may find yourself in a regretful position where you forgot to get your six packs or wine out of the cupboard and into the fridge. You don’t want to wait for over an hour to let the freezer or fridge do its part in getting that drink into a state lower than room temperature. You also don’t want to keep the drinks in a traditional cooler with ice, and have people dripping water all over the place.

Additionally, you might not want that bottle or can in the freezing compartment only to freeze the contents unknowingly. Now you would need to start the whole process again or settle for a tepid soda or glass wine. Fortunately, beverage coolers or chillers cool drinks in a matter of minutes.

Besides the convenience, a beverage cooler dedicated for that purpose only saves on space in the kitchen or bar space since it doesn’t have to be placed in one location. The absence of drink containers in the fridge creates space for storage of more groceries, spritzers, or other mixers. It’s also convenient since the refrigerator is placed where it is needed most such as the bar, home theater, or family room.

Most come attractively designed, looking sharp wherever you install them. They enhance and fit in with existing décor. With the under-cabinet models, you can integrate them to match cabinets, or to stand under a countertop or bar.

An added advantage is the energy saving. A beverage cooler will often be opened, but since it is a small compartment, it doesn’t need a lot of energy to keep regulating the temperature and re-cooling once the door is opened.

Why Coolers Chill Temperatures So Fast

Although commercial beverage coolers have unique aspects for customization, they have essential features mandatory for their functionality. The invention of the fridge improved the storage of foodstuffs and drinks, and this has enhanced the well-being of families across the world. Fridges also serve in the medical sectors like in morgues and storage of medicines.

The function of a refrigerator is in the storage of drinks and food, not necessarily to cool them. For this reason, they have plenty of storage space which slows down its cooling ability. Chillers or coolers, on the other hand, have a significantly smaller space, which is made for cooling and display, not storage. Most of them serve for storage of drinks only; hence, they need not be spacious. As a result, coolers are compact which enhances the efficiency of its cooling system.

How Do Rapid Beverage Coolers Work

Most rapid coolers use rotating rollers, ice, and cool water jets to maintain low temperatures within their compartments. When you place a bottle or can in the cooler, the coolers pass cooler water over the container, while the rollers rotate the container. Since the water is colder than the surface of the container, heat then moves from the contents of the container to the container.

The water moves into a compartment full of ice which cools the water and the whole process repeats. An electric motor keeps the containers in the cooler rotating so that their contents cool evenly. You may worry about breaking of delicate bottles during the spinning process, but a rapid cooler such as the Cooper Cooper One-Minute Drink Chiller has a no-spin option that prevents such brittle containers from too much shaking.

How to Choose the Best Beverage Cooler

There are different types of commercial beverage coolers such as free standing or stand alone, built-in or under cabinet, and outdoor types. There seems to be an overlap between wine chillers, compact refrigerators, and beverage centers. Some coolers are versatile and can be used to accommodate any drinks. Some like the beer coolers seem more suited for cans while wine coolers maximize room for bottles.

The prices vary from about $100 to thousands depending on features. Nevertheless, durability, reliability, style and features alone do not necessarily justify pricing options. When shopping for one:

  • Consider the dimensions of the space where the cooler will be placed
  • Decide on the features you need
  • See it accommodates the capacity you need
  • Find the best-styled one for your décor
  • Ensure you buy one rated for outdoor use or the indoors depending on the intended use
  • Confirm that the interior layout will adequately and safely hold the things you need to store

Beer Coolers

A beer cooler is a one type of beverage cooler that you’ve seen before. It’s in one of these that you store your beer cans and bottles. The type of appliance you need depends on the amount and type of beverages you need to store. Some appliances may be unsuitable for your needs due to inadequate usable storage space.

When buying a beer cooler, consider these factors:

  • Size
  • The compact shelving within a small fridge drastically limits the space especially if you need to keep bottles too in the cooler.
  • Capacity
  • How many cans of beer or soda, or bottles can it The capacity depends on the size, with big ones holding over 150 drinks while the minis can keep even six only.
  • Space for placing the cooler
  • If you need a bigger fridge, consider it will need more space in your accommodations or premises, ensure the desired location is sufficient
  • Price
  • Cheap coolers sell out faster, and you may wish to fly with the flock. Take note however that the cheap models could be compromised on performance and reliability.
  • Temperature range
  • It depends on your palate and preferences though beers are no fuss drinks as long as they are chilled or cold. For suave drinkers though, the right temperature is imperative for a beer to be worth drinking.
  • Appearance
  • It won’t hurt if you choose a sleek, elegant appliance to adorn your room. Look into how different aesthetics such as lights, handles, and other additions enhance the style without detracting on functionality.

Wine coolerswine-beverage-cooler

One type of commercial beverage coolers, are wine coolers, are also known as wine chillers, wine storage or wine cellars. Wine chillers have a glass door that’s transparent so you can see the contents. A wine cellar maintains optimum humidity levels and stabilizes temperature. It has shelves or racks designed for wine bottles.

Wine quality deteriorates for poor storage standards even if it is stored in cabinets or the open. Temperature fluctuations in the kitchen make it an unsuitable place to store wine which needs a range of temperatures between 38 up to 60 degrees. Wine tastes good when served cold but white wines should be served cooler than the reds.

A wine cooler allows you to adjust temperatures with the dual zone feature. If you don’t have the feature, you could opt to cool all wine at 55 degrees, then chill the whites a little more in your refrigerator before serving.

Tips for Buying a Wine Cooler

  • Ensure it has adequate capacity for your needs. This may range from a counter chiller with space for a few bottles to a wine closet for dozens of bottles.
  • Ensure the shelves are well fitted and sturdy, so they don’t come off and drop your bottles.
  • Opt for pull out shelves which are more convenient for accessing and placing of the bottles
  • Capacity. Two or more models could have the equal capacity, yet usable space differs depending on the design. The things responsible for small capacity include knobs, lights, and protrusions into the storage space that eat up on the usable space.

Top Rated Commercial Beverage Coolers

Summit Commercial Series SCR1300X

This center beverage model from Summit Appliance is a 13 cubic feet appliance whose exterior space is just a 24 inches base. The freestanding unit is a sleek full-size machine with stainless steel door color. Its adjustable top to bottom five wire shelves that have no clips for seamless adjusting easily slide out is, an ideal feature when loading or removing contents, and to create space for some items for versatility.

The contents are all visible through the glass doors which reflect light for added cooling efficiency. It has automatic full defrost features and an adjustable thermostat controlled by a knob to regulate temperature levels. A LED light enhances not only its beauty but also the visibility of contents and has a switch for control.

It has a door lock, which secures contents for you in your business premises or largely based entertaining. The thin-line designed takes up a little place to enter even those hard to fit places. The auto defrosts feature requires little maintenance of its operations. The equipment ships with right-hand doors but with an extra hinge, it can be reversed to a left-hand door swing.

It’s approved for commercial use with no CFC. The cooler runs on 115-voltage power and an internal fan circulate air through the compartments to maintain optimum temperatures. Pick yours in the either white or stainless steel to keep things cool in your premises.

Procool Glass Door Upright Display Beverage Cooler

procool-commercial-beverage-coolerThe Procool cooler is an imposing tall appliance (dimensions of 78 inches Tall X 23 inches Wide X 24 Inches deep). A double glazed door that is outer tempered guarantees durability. Some features which enhance the convenience of use include the self-closing door makes it easy to use when taking several items at a time, and the self-evaporation water tray.

The sleek design adds to the décor, and the interior vertical lights offer both illuminations and add attraction of the contents display. If you want to get some word out about your drinks, the canopy light is made for posting ads, and you can keep your wares safe with the lock and key option on this model.

Additional features for durability include the sturdy shelves that can manage some extra weight. A fan facilitates ventilation in the cooling systems making this ideal for commercial operations in tropical regions. Regardless the size, four casters with two of them having brakes ease mobility of the cooler and keep it where you want it to be.

The internal temperature is adjustable manually, and with all these features, the Procool gets a good rating as a beverage commercial cooler.

Kalamera 150-can Beverage Refrigerator

The Kalamera cooler with a 4.24 cubic foot capacity holds 150 cans of beer or soda effectively and puts behind you the days of crowding your drinks in the kitchen fridge. The freestanding stainless steel cooler, in regal black, adds a touch of class to whatever indoor spot you choose for it. A blue LED light with its switch and tempered glass doors add to the appliances sophisticated style.

Five removable shelves provide space and versatility depending on the size of containers you want to throw in there. Get your drinks cool in no time with the compress chills. A set of two fans works on the ventilation. An automatic temperature display with touch control modes maintains optimum conditions for your beverages within the cooler’s range of 38 to 50F. This unit is a worthy addition to your business or home if you host parties.

SPT 33 Bottle Under-Counter Wine Cooler Commercial Grade

under counter commercial beverage coolerThe SPT win cooler with a capacity of 33 bottles is a technologically advanced unit. It has a memory which enables the unit to restart and recover the last settings after a power failure. With a temperature range of between 39 and 68F, this is the ideal atmosphere to enjoy either red or white wine at the right temperature set for wines.

A reversed tempered glass door and the circulation fan that effects auto defrost include some of the features built for ease of operation. It’s a standalone model of stainless steel and with double pane glass durable doors that give it an elegant finish. The cooler comes highly recommended for commercial enterprises such as hotels and bars that need to serve wine anytime.

Perlick 24” Commercial Beverage Center

This Perlick product is a commercial beverage center with ample features to facilitate its role. It’s ideal for your restaurant or bar business where a 5.3 cubic footage provides capacity for wine bottles. A glass door with a left-hand swing and framed in stainless steel gives the unit appealing aesthetics and assure of durability.

It comes with a towel bar handle to keep a towel or cloth handy when handling slippery or wet contents from the cooler. The appliance is versatile since it is designed for either built-in or freestanding installation and this helps in space utilization in the room.

A commercial grade compressor and a manual temperature control keep conditions optimum between the designated 36 to 48 degrees F for wine. This model is Energy Star Rated for energy efficiency. The interior is stainless steel as well as the trays to withstand the heavy handling characteristic of business operations.

Edgestar 14 Cubic Feet Built-in Commercial Merchandiser

edgestar-beverage-coolerChill beverages for your customers with this sleek commercial beverage cooler. It has state of the art features such the temperature alarm which goes off if you leave the door open accidentally. That features saves on energy and keep food and drinks from losing warming up or going bad.

Fully certified for commercial enterprises, this appliance has additional intuitive controls in the temperature control component. A compressor cooler keeps the temperatures at the desired level and balances the temperature evenly in the cooler’s interior. Meanwhile, a LED fluorescent light provides illumination for you to see the contents in the cooler.

The slim design eases its installation, which is further enhanced by the front ventilation that ensures it does not heat up when placed against a wall or in tight areas.

How to Get the Best Price on Commercial Beverage Coolers

Getting discounts or finding a reputable supplier’s outlet with friendly prices could mean a big cost savings for you. To find bargains:

  • Carry out careful research on the kind of features you need your cooler to have before hitting the shops. Find a supplier who has a large display room with plenty of coolers. That allows you to really view what’s available at the retailer.
  • When comparing prices, concentrate on the features to see if the cooler is worth the cost. However, compare across brands too, since some brands could offer more features for the same amount of money.
  • See if you can negotiate the price. If you are buying several units, ask for discounts, or other sales perks. Some may even offer free delivery since you will save some on transportation costs.
  • Look for used coolers but of good quality, as they require considerably less
  • If shopping online, perform due diligence and confirm the items condition and features before committing yourself to making a payment. Amazon is a great resource to get many great deals on commercial beverage coolers, and you can often get free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member!

With this guide, you should find the right commercial beverage cooler for your business or home needs!